Atelier Renovation & Redesign

A Sun Valley, Idaho vacation property art project. This is a departure from graphic and online design, but it cross pollinates. This project initiated with a trip and a casual conversation in a hot tub aprés ski. Travel and chance encounters are powerful influences for creativity and innovation. Renovating the studio condo from both near and afar also aided in idea inspiration.

I switched the kitchen from an alcove in the main room to the former vanity and closet space. The new vanity went into the former kitchen alcove, attached to the bathroom, and walled off from the main room. This inspired idea came after countless layout attempts, trying to fit an updated kitchen into the alcove. The insight came to me while walking my dogs in Silver Lake.

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Atelier Kitchen Poppies
DWR Soto Sleeper Sofa
Media Wall – TV & Cozy Fireplace
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